Cyberians vs Cave Dwellers


We didn’t think too much of the interwebs back in 1998, and our catalog No. 16 stated that you could look at our fonts but you had to wait for the disk to actually use them. It was a last ditch attempt to preserve the physical connection between the digital font miasma we’ve all come to depend upon and the bursting boxes of pencil sketches, inkings and prototypes we created in the course of bringing our fonts to market. In the spirit of our initial contempt of the world wide waste of time as a delivery medium, we have tried to keep our reliance on third-party plug-ins and other digital trickery to a minimum for this new design. The site is more searchable, easier to use and actually generates simple readable urls. We have also tried to stick to an XHTML standard. This new site would not be possible without the tireless toil of the following people:

Designer: Bondé Prang
Art Director: Andy Cruz
“This is the web”: Ben Kiel
Chief jpeger: Katie Wilson
Copy Chief: Rich Roat
Making it Work: Brook Elgie
Database: John Worsley, Command Prompt, Inc.
LetterSetter: Erik van Blokland and Tal Leming

Posted by on December 30, 2008