House Girard Book

Somehow we managed to squeeze 4 years of work on the Girard project into this 8.25” square, 64 page House Industries Alexander Girard Book.

Had to hit the linen cover twice with this slab of heavy metal so you can “feel” the white foil.

The first unit to roll off the book binder’s assembly line.

The book is split into 2 parts. The first half is printed full color (complete w/metallic gold and plenty of Girard varnish patterns) on a white linen stock that give you an overview of the entire House/Girard project. The second half is run on French’s orange butcher with black, orange and opaque white inks. These 32 orange pages feature some of the juicy reference material we mined from the Girard archives at Vitra and Herman Miller plus a few of our type and product development sketches.

…and it shows. Quotes from Girard and stories from John and Marilyn Neuhart throughout.

We only ran an edition of 1000 books. Signed and numbered.

“Act now” and we’ll send you the book free when you purchase the Girard Fonts. Your CD envelope will be hard-mounted on the inside back cover. Or just go for the book at 40 bucks.

Posted by on March 19, 2009