Blurry Redeye Jumpsuit Design Conference

Over the past few months we have been digging through the carnage that results in saving absolutely everything for the last 16 years, an exhaustive mining project that sometimes yielded irresistible seams of priceless ore. Tucked in amongst American Web five-copy NCR job request forms, serial numbers for Eudora Internet Mail Server, a nice letter from the editor of Hustler’s Leg World and floppy disks for MacAuthorize were some fabulous photos from a mid-90s field trip to a design conference in San Antonio. These pre-digital snaps feature cameos from a pre-Pentagrammed DJ Stout (in the NOS orange House work shirt), pre-mid life crisis Marc English and the forever-young Chuck Anderson. We had the jumpsuits made special for this trip and I think we duped Custom Papers Group into paying the airfare with the promise that we would hawk their wares at our table.

Posted by on May 1, 2009