Baptism of Fire

Those who know me well know that in the world of hipsterdom and high-end denim I am a miserable failure, just ask the kids who mused online about how the House33 gear could come out of a studio that includes the “dorky Rich Roat.” In any case, the folks at Tellason were kind enough to comp us a few pairs of their limited-run all-American Cone Mills white selvage (sp?) jeans because we helped them out with logo based on an alphabet from the Photo-Lettering collection. Here’s what they look like after Andy celebrates the brand newness of the Tanner Good’s leather tag stamped with PLINC’s Benguiat Buffalo.

When my fire pager goes off at 5:30 in the morning with a report of a house fire with subject trapped I tend to grab whatever is hanging on the hook in the bathroom, which happened to be the brand new Tellasons in their North Carolina denim San Francisco sewn glory. This is what they looked like after six hours under my bunker gear.

Sorry, Tony.

Posted by on June 1, 2009