Atmo, Photo by Richard Sachs

“the ritual of spreading out the catch of the week, getting out the cutting mat and some fresh blades, pouring a glass of red, knifing these little bad boys up, drinking even more red, continuing through the evening and squaring up each and every little piece of cardboard – man, to say it all was cathartic would be an understatement atmo.”
—Richard Sachs

Richard Sachs is someone you meet and know that you’ll never meet anyone quite like him again. Master bicycle frame builder (his wait list is closed and if you’re lucky enough to be on it, it’s seven years long), cyclocross racer & team manager (producing one of America’s great cyclocross hopes, Jonathan Page), documentary film subject, and, apparently, printing ephemera collector.

We’re no strangers to the lure of what Richard calls “printer tabs”, but might also be called color bars. In designing the packaging for Burbank Tal mimicked the often out of register color bars on cereal boxes (driving our printer a bit crazy). So it was wonderful today to come across Richard’s collection of them on Flickr. Many thanks to Richard for letting us share his photo.

Posted by on August 10, 2009