Sold Out, but not Selling Out

After leaving pissed off interns, disgruntled employees, frostbitten toes from January Berlin press checks, bewildered blue jumpsuited pressmen and severely depleted NATO strategic silver metallic ink supplies in its wake, the House book has officially reached out-of-print status except for these jealously-guarded archive copies. How will the creative industry survive without this invaluable primer which is referenced by professionals throughout the world as a guide to how not to be really successful in the world of type, graphic and industrial design? We are not sure, but we hope that Flickr pages of other peoples Flickr pages and blogs about forums that comment on blogs that comment on other peoples opinions in a world where anonymity and exhibitionism run hand in hand to form impersonal interpersonal relationships between parties who will only meet electronically do not become the accepted method of disseminating information. In a society where we have infinite access to an effluvial flow of individual perceptions, we still have not figured out how to interpret and appreciate content in a way that has a profound and lasting effect on our mental and physical well being besides the sensory experience provided by printed matter. Books are the bricks and our notion to preserve and appreciate them are the mortar of the wall that will ultimately protect our small world from an ever-growing Idiocracy that crashes the gates of reason with soundbites and netbytes of misinformational propaganda. Sure there is an environmental impact to applying petroleum- or soy-based æther to ground up organic materials, but what is the environmental and social impact of the ignorance and the distortion that spews from the netwaves of the world wide web if it becomes our defacto source of dynamic dogma? Readers need not answer. All questions contained herein are of a rhetorical nature.

We are currently in acquisitional discussions with a Siberian concern who wishes to supply the necessary timber- and terrestrial-based commodities for House II. And you can still buy the fonts.

Posted by on August 20, 2009