David Dodde called us up a while back because he wanted to limber up his squeegee hand again and ply his serigraphic talents. We started playing around with some simple images and pasted laser prints on the wall for the studio chin stroke. “Yeah that’s pretty cool nice nice keep moving in that direction any of those 85% fair trade dark chocolate bars left I sure am hungry.”

The scrum didn’t start until David actually pulled some samples and sent them out to us in one of his signature wood boxes. Ben had his checkbook at the ready (“Dude, you work here, put that away.”) Rich just flat out boosted the little “R” and the rest of the staff went scrambling home to clear their home wall space. What is it about thickly flat screen printed goodness that leaves lasers and lithography seem so thin? There must be some sort of extra-terrestrial force field that holds special air-dried inks a few nanometers off the paper surface to add an impossibly-extrapolated decimal between the second and third dimension.

See these pictures here? They cannot possibly tell the whole story. There are simply not enough pixels in vaporous medium known as the world wide web to make your digital social network think you’re not a complete design geek for blowing a Jackson or two on a piece of paper with a letter on it, but they will understand in the event that you have your Facebook friend reunion party.

Come on, you’re going to spend more than 18 or 35 bucks every month in interest when the introductory offer runs out on your 90-days same as cash credit card purchase on the Apple store. What’s more, your purchase at House industries will not turn into Bank of America executive bonuses. Check ‘em out.

Posted by on September 17, 2009