The House Shell Game

Don’t ask why, but we thought a big juicy “H” that has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of House font catalog No. 59 was what we needed on the cover.

A few sketches later, the first thing we kinda dug was this Sharpie comp done with acanthus leaves; decent form, but after a contemplative chin stroke (a bad habit around here) we felt the illustrated leaf look was a bit too “stock” these days.

The decision was made to go the House33 “type as illustration” route and find a more entertaining organic form that would translate. We considered carved wood, ram/goat horns and almost went with roast beef before settling on the mollusk as our motif.

After an extensive online course in malacology, we Frankensteined some of our favorite bivalves together with graphite and ink to realize the final House “H” Shell. It can now be seen printed on purple, red and blue leatherette cover stock here (complete with metallic inks, opaque inks and a glossy spot House script varnish) or on two t-shirt duhsigns here.

Posted by on September 18, 2009