Instant Decor Gratification

Admit it, you have a flat file of cool artwork that will never make it onto the wall. We do too so we wanted to figure out the best way to kill two birds with one squeegee.

The prints are cut from blocks of solid maple, sanded, lacquered, then hand printed and numbered by serigraphic ninja David Dodde. Each block is 6” x 8” x 1.75” and includes a predrilled hole for hanging. The blocks are also wide enough to stand alone on any flat surface. With no framing or other prep work necessary, they’re ready to roll. The first series of maple prints includes the Marilyn and John Neuhart Hand Press Logo, the seasonal Neuhart Santa head, an ampersand from Photo-Lettering Playbill Bold and the Photo-Lettering Emperor Script ‘B’. All done in the USA, natch.

BAD INFLUENCES. My over packaged wooden box of Japanese toothpicks and our maple Girard Nativity figures were what got the party started.

Posted by on December 1, 2009