John Mayer & House Industries

Press proof for the first in a series of John Mayer tour posters we’ve been working on. Always a good idea to get the client to sign-off on this kinda stuff.

I thought that using something from the Photo-Lettering arsenal would be a decent fit for the two Madison Square Garden gigs. To my eyes, the high contrast and sweeping curves in Ed Benguiat’s Caslon epitomize the golden era of NYC typography.

Uncut sheet with the first pull of silver, gold and a semi-opaque ninja mix of fluorescent orange on French Paper’s Blacktop .

Screen printer/alchemist David Dodde brings it home again. Call us old guys, but until they come up with a JPEG format that makes metallics shimmer like a Solid Gold dancer’s outfit, there just isn’t a substitute for physcially walking around a serigraph and watching the light bouncing off metallic and fluorescent inks.

Thick and rich.

Limited run of 300 serigraphs for each Madison Square Garden show. Go here or to the NYC show tomorrow or Friday night to find out more…

Posted by on February 24, 2010