Logorama Getaway Car

About 16 years ago we created the first of many over packaged consumer clothing products called the Stripe Ts.

It was a series of four shirts with designs from noted pinstripers Von Franco, Jimmy C, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Andy/Adam Cruz’s father, Angelo Cruz. After gaining some traction in Japanese markets (didn’t everything?), the product sort of drifted down the House Industries Boulevard of lost interest.

Big Daddy, Jimmy C and Von Franco all had their own logos but Angelo Cruz did not, so Ken and Andy drew a little something up that looked like this.

Besides a cameo in the silver plate of our 2004 10-year book…

…this logo hasn’t seen much daylight in the last few years until it took on a supporting role in Logorama, an Oscar-winning short animated feature. Watch the whole thing on youtube.

Who knew?

For the trainspotters out there who clocked the Chevy bowtie on the front of the Mercury, we too scratched our heads for a second. Truth is Angelo’s real Merc does currently have a 327 under the hood.

Posted by on March 24, 2010