Eames Century Modern Catalog

Ninety-plus pages of Eames Century Modern await your request!

When Andy Cruz starts a sentence with “I hate to say it but…,” there’s quite a bit of eye rolling and hand wringing in the studio because it probably means lots more work, missed “deadlines” and more money. But it’s hard to argue with a guy who’s willing check every form for 40 straight hours while catching a few winks on a dusty conference room couch. Then go back a few days later and hang out with the bindery guys for another eight hours to make sure their interpretation of “commercially acceptable” is the same as ours.

And nobody squeezes the most out of lithographic substrates like Andy. “Oh, the cover is printing eight up? I hate to say it but we really should design eight different covers.” Or “Wait, 50# newsprint is much lighter than cheap coated offset and we can create a bigger book without going over the new weight threshold for USPS standard automated mail? I hate to say it but we need to add about 32 more pages.” Or “At our quantities, it will cost the same to preprint then convert mailing envelopes and they print six-up? I hate to say it but we need to do six different layouts.”

If you’ve purchased something from us in the past, you will most likely receive one of these in the mail in the next few weeks assuming that the envelope conversion house lines things up as we envisioned. That too long of a wait? You can see what you’ll get at the Eames microsite. And lastly, if you’ve moved, changed jobs, become redundant after a major corporate merger or quit your job to start a blog that posts TSA full body x-ray images, please drop us an email at so we can keep up with you.

Posted by on April 2, 2010