Fresh from USPS

Photos from <code>jdnewbs, </code>stmjr, <code>lithodale, </code>thatsounjian, <code>poopyBrad, </code>david_sizemore, <code>sethshaw, </code>rondmc, @mediumstudio

It used to be that we’d drop a skid of catalogs in the mail and only know that they were getting into mailboxes when the phone started to ring. Now through the wonders of the interwebs and something called Twitter that we heard about on NPR, we can see the Eames catalog getting to your homes and offices. Not to get all sappy, but it means a lot to everyone who worked on the project that the end product is well liked enough for people to take the time to post photos of it on said interwebs.

Oh, and that Twitter thing? We finally succumbed to it too: @houseindustries

Photos from: @jdnewbs, @stmjr, @lithodale, @thatsounjian, @poopyBrad, @david_sizemore, @sethshaw, @rondmc, @mediumstudio on Twitter

Posted by on May 12, 2010