Tougher than pleather

Jay Floyd, from self described “rainy assed Portland, OR”, wrote today to share the story of his Simian wallet:

“Well… I bought the Simian wallet about 6 or 7 years ago (maybe longer, I can’t remember). The thing has been thru hell and high water with me. I’ve lost it countless times. It’s been thru the washing machine on accident. It’s been with me thru the birth of my two kids…hell, it was even in my back pocket when I proposed to my wife. Anyhow, about a week ago some low life rifled thru my truck and stole her… I thought that was truly the end of that wallet, a sad day indeed. I put my criminal mind to use and started combing the alleys around my house, believe it or not, one week later I found it laying in a bush, completely empty and rain soaked. I took her home, cleaned her up and now she’s back in action. I just wanted to send you this story for no other reason except for that thing has been one tuff, beat to shit, piece of leather that somehow keeps finding its way back to me.”

Before you fire up your email machine, we’ve been sold out of Simian wallets for at least two years now, so we’re glad Jay found his.

Posted by on June 1, 2010