Typographic extracurricular activities

Forme lockup

Sometimes after staring at b├ęzier curves for the current language expansion to Neutraface for weeks on end, taking a weekend afternoon to remember that type is tangible is the best kind of design therapy. Fortunately, Lead Graffiti is a short trip away, so with Jens “Shut up legs” Voigt’s performance on stage 9 of this year’s Tour de France in my head I raided Ray’s drawers of wood type, a recent shipment of Eurostyle in foundry metal, and some rule to see what a couple of hours would come up with. Called anything from ‘beautiful’ on flickr to ‘there are too many things lame about this poster to even list’ on a fixed gear forum, the proceeds from the sale of the poster are going to the Food Bank of Delaware.

Shut Up Legs multiples

Posted by on July 27, 2010