Tin Eye

Just got around to unpacking some of the duh-signy metal tins Steph and I imported from Japan. Scored the Olle Eksell för Mazetti at Elephant, a small, well curated/edited Scandinavian design boutique in Harijuku. I know…sounds crazy but lets face it, the Japanese have knack for curating things you’ve seen from other lands, hanging on the wall at Cracker Barrel or on Flickr pages in ways that get the yen out of your wallet.

The dove cookies were cute, but the tin sold us.

An old Meiji powdered milk canister. Call me retro, but if it ain’t broke, don’t rebrand it.

Steph added some “Girl’s Tea” to her Karel Capek collection. With the right amount of milk it tastes like Frankenberry!

Posted by on November 8, 2010