Halfway between Max Yasgur’s farm and the Massachusetts border lies pastoral one horse crossroads with a single buffalo and over 400 Bultacos, all of which are owned and operated by racer, rancher and chief enduro officer Hugh Weaver.

A tour of Hugh’s museum is like a clutch brake throttle tapdance through the rocky crags of Spain’s six day trials or an extended excursion to the next village for a bota bag Rioja refill, rounds of Manchego and a hoof-on cerdo negro haunch.

Although Francisco Bultó‘s legacy suffered an unfortunate demise in an era of Francoindustrial machinations…

…Paco gave Hugh his blessing to keep the dream alive…

…while racing on Sunday and selling on Monday.

In this spirit, Hugh has stashed three generations of knowhow and enough spare parts to keep Bultacos running well into Spain’s next authoritarian regime.

Like many motorcycle racers, Hugh stays fit by investing in lean meat and sausage futures. This is a close as Hugh advised me to get without “a club in one hand and food in the other.”

In case you were wondering.

Posted by on February 18, 2011