Aaron Draplin

DDC and FIELD NOTES note taker Aaron Draplin gives us an unpaid big time design celebrity endorsement:

We’re on board with Photo-Lettering! Oh yeah. Big time.

Old juicy typefaces, long forgotten and buried in dusty archives…digitized and brought back to life!

House’s PLINC system is one boss interface. Set the type, test the colors and spit out a PDF with what you need. Just like that. Instant vectors for that big project. I got hooked on the stuff some time back, to the point where I found myself “hoarding” characters as the beta testing phase came to an end. I just couldn’t be without the beefy brawn of Buffalo!

Get with it, graphic arts enthusiasts! Fire up an account and get nasty with some Photo Lettering. And don’t move to Portland, you scrubs!

–Aaron Draplin
April 2011

Aaron Draplin's World's Longest Yard Sale

Buffalo titling for Draplin’s Longest Yard Sale trilogy.

Posted by on April 21, 2011