Swedish Keramik Karry-Ons

A few flea market and factory finds Steph and I squeezed in the overhead compartment after a 36 hour stop in Sweden.

Dig these H and checkered smoking accessories from Stig Lindberg’s Domino collection. The H pattern was done for the 1955 Hälsingborg (H55) exhibition of architecture and design that went down in Hälsingborg, Sweden.

A day trip to the nucleus of Swedish porcelain design in Gustavsberg included some lion taming at Lisa Larson’s studio.

Select Marianne Westman storage units from various second hand and antik shops in and around Stockholm that’ll continue to help us practice our Swedish.

Bersa pattern egg (or sake) cups. The nice lady at the factory noticed I was a little more interested in the Bersa process than the product and slid me a transfer as a parting gift.

Wrapped them, packed them, then it was off to Finland…

Posted by on June 20, 2011