The QDrive

The QDrive is a space drive based on a resonating cavity designed to redirect radiation pressure to create an unbalanced force that subsequently generates thrust without propellant. Skeptical? Read about it here and watch this video, then get your local well-funded major university physics department to take some of that corporate research fellowship money and apply it to replicating what QDrive inventor Guido Fetta has already done.

Let’s discuss the all-important logo for this breakthrough in space propulsion technology because if you’re gonna get to Mars in three days, you might as well do it with style. The QDrive concept is based on the shape of the slots cut into a circular sealed cavity, so we adopted this shape as the Q stroke for its serendipitous efficiency in reflecting ocular waves. Custom neoretrofuturistic Kubricist lettering peppered with counterintuitive counterspaces and crossbarless As reference current notions of space travel while honoring Guido’s fascination with the Roman battle of Cannae.

Our petty overintellectualization aside, the QDrive makes possible what we’ve only dreamed of while munching popcorn, contemplating special effects or sequestering ourselves in mom’s basement to decode Klingon diacritics. You know when Kiptin Kirk calls down to Scotty for warp speed or the Millenium Falcon jumps into hyperspace? This technology makes it feasible. No kidding.

Posted by on October 5, 2011