House Plays the Banjo

We’re currently flexing Photo-Lettering West Banjo’s bulbously burly balloon serifs on two new consumer commodities.

Closetless packrats, paperkeepers and obsessive compulsive analog archivers can now keep their important documents, Syquest drives and intrinsically-valuable flea market purchases stylishly ensconced in these functionally fetching Fellowes Bankers Boxes. Currently available exclusively at The Conran Shop in Japan.

Giro’s new futuroretroistic Reverb Banjo H pattern extrusion exudes voluminous velocip√¶dic √©lan. While it may not be the best choice for an overnight on the Cahulawassee River mixed-use wilderness trail, the House Industries Banjo Reverb nimbly reconciles the need for cranial care with contemporary urban and suburban cycling irony. Available soon at your local bike shop or sporting goods store.

Giro’s muted black on black H pattern Gilman Glove complements the Reverb without dueling Banjos.

Not in the market for stylish storage, hand hedging or dome defense? Blow some of your discretionary decorating budget on our interior environmental extollation of Banjo’s protuberant panache with our hand-printed air-dried alphabet prints.

Have your own big idea? Try ‘em now with Banjo and our ever-growing selection of syllabaric solutions at

Posted by on October 12, 2011