Bright Light in a sea of mandex

Thanks to Eddie Jacobson for this House Industries script jersey success story!

Picture 1: I stood out for two reasons: one, I was one of the only people, besides a few awesome friends, not wearing gaudy/obscene graphics and two, because I was on my beloved fixed gear bike with a rather unfriendly cog ratio of 48 in the front and 15 in the back. I had signed up for a 50 mile bike ride with full knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to stop pedaling the entire time. The guy in the yellow standing next to me looked at my bike and called me crazy. With a huge grin on my face, I passed him and his time-trial bike going up a hill.

Picture 2: I had done long rides before, but not quite like this brutal. The only reason I’m smiling here is because my girlfriend is taking photos. I skipped the final two rest-stop checkpoints because I knew that if I stopped, my legs would too. This is the final climb to the finish line. Right before this photo, I had nearly been hit by a truck pulling a trailer. I wasn’t nearly as upset about potentially getting killed as I was about my downhill momentum being destroyed right before my final up-hill.

Picture 3: I finished the 50 mile route riding a fixed gear bike in the very hilly Blanco, Texas. The roads were punishing cheese graters and the head-winds seemed to stop every single descent. The string of obscenities that came from my mouth as I cursed at no one would’ve made my mother blush. I couldn’t take my hands off the handlebars because the cross winds were blowing against my deep profile wheels. Letting go of the bars would’ve meant me crashing at 30+ mph. Compound the awful roads with the headwind, and you end up with completely numb hands. The photo you are looking at came a mere moments before I broke down into tears. I could not understand why I was crying. My only explanation was that I had put my body through so much trauma, that it had no other option than to revolt.

Posted by on May 22, 2012