House Industries, Montage, Photo Lettering, Alphabet

Discount code “SEP13SAVE” valid through September 26, 2013 on all House Industries products currently available on our web store. While supplies last. House Industries employees and their children, siblings, pets and estranged relatives are absolutely eligible if they are dumb enough not to take the stuff from the sample shelf. This offer may not be combined with any other offer, mostly because our website does not do that.

House Industries, Montage, Big and Tall Blocks, Uncle Goose, Photo Lettering, Alphabet, Ampersand, Asterisk, Brace

House Indutries, House Stencil Script Tee

House Industries, Davison Spencerian, Neutraface, Eames Stencil, Fonts, Photo Lettering

House Industries, Uncle Goose, Love Heart Blocks

House Industries, Archive Box, Neutraface, Neutra Slab, Alphabet, Alphabet Pattern

House Industries, Carlyle Quaint, Photo Lettering, Dollar, Alphabet, Serigraph

Posted by on September 23, 2013