'Cross Candids from Charm City

All photos by Carlos Alejandro.

Posted by on September 30, 2013

Catalog No. 62 Collector Bundle

House Industries Catalog PLINC Photo-Lettering Thanks Cards Bundle

We have always and will continue to send our catalog out for free. But even if you make eight separate requests to slightly different physical addresses, the randomly aggressive nature of our fulfillment system cannot guarantee that you will receive the eight different covers we designed for the current edition. If this is not important to you, then please browse to our free catalog form and we’ll send you one safely sealed in its own custom-printed envelope (of which there are six different versions by the way). For those who want to guarantee that they receive the eight covers, fifteen dollars proffered through our electronic commerce interface can be exchanged for a neatly wrapped catalog set plus a bunch of other stuff we managed to squeeze on the press sheet.

House Industries PLINC Photo-Lettering Thanks Cards Bundle

House Industries PLINC Benguiat Caslon Photo-Lettering Thanks Cards Bundle

House Industries PLINC Benguiat Montage Photo-Lettering Thanks Card Bundle

House Industries Photo-Lettering PLINC Alphabet Cards Bundle

House Industries Catalog No. 62 Bundle

House Industries Photo-Lettering PLINC Accordion Brochure Catalog

  • 40 items total
  • 8 versions of House Catalog No. 62 (8 cover designs)
  • 9 Photo-Lettering Alphabet note cards (9 designs)
  • 20 Thank You cards (4 designs)
  • 3 versions of the Photo-Lettering accordion brochure (3 designs)

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Photo-Lettering in Philly Tonight!

Come check out Ken and Ben’s Photo-Lettering presentation tonight. Get there a little early (6ish) or stick around after the show for live screen printing by Awesome Dudes.

Bringing Photo-lettering to the 21st Century

University of the Arts
CBS Auditorium of Hamilton Hall
320 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, Penna
March 29, 2012, 7:00 p.m.

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Photo-Lettering Show at Chapman

Photo-Lettering Chapman University Guggenheim Gallery

Photo-Lettering R

Photo-Lettering Chapman University Guggenheim Gallery

Photo-Lettering Show Panel Detail


Photo-Lettering Lightbox

Films from the Photo-Lettering Archive


Photo-Lettering X Scrim

Photo-Lettering Chapman University Guggenheim Gallery

Historic Photo-Lettering Catalogs

Photo-Lettering Show 2 Scrim

Photo-Lettering Show

Photos by Carlos Alejandro.

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$7 Signage*

Holeshot Design Studio’s Big Kahuna sign set in the Photo-Lettering Alphabet, D’Amico Gothic. Check out the width and weight sliders in D’Amico Gothic – the variations are limitless!

Sweet Virginia, a (now closed) shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, set their sign in the Photo-Lettering alphabet, Carlyle Eventide. Looks good in in one color, looks great in eight.

*Please note – $7 doesn’t cover the cost of materials, but it will buy you all the letters you need (up to 40 characters per setting) to make your sign stand out.

Sweet Virginia photo by Gavin Thomas

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A few press sheet details from the new Photo-Lettering catalog.

Want a free copy? Sign up for an account (it’s free!) and make sure you give us your mailing address.

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Aztec, designed by Anthony Sini and digitized by Jess Riddle, was film no. 6192 in the original Photo-Lettering archive. Because the archive is so extensive, we’re continually digitizing new alphabets to add to New alphabets will show up on a monthly basis, so check back often!

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House at Reserve

Join us in West Hollywood for a House Industries show at Reserve Gallery featuring new wood serigraphs, custom Reserve/House products and plenty of House gear. Be sure to bring a Canter’s potato knish to soak up the PBR and a personal security retinue to help push through the throngs of adoring fans.

Opening: Friday, August 20th 7pm – 11pm
Reserve Gallery
420 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036

The Reserve show opening is timed to coincide with TypeCon, an annual gathering of typophiles, graphic designers, artists and programmers. Kind of like Comic-com, but a lot smaller and without attendees trying to stab each other with .5 mm rapidographs. You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal for your continuing education dollar, and there’s lots of all-important discussion about webfonts on the program.

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